Commissions [Aufträge] (english version)

Thanks for thinking about commissioning me! Everything you need to know before you contact me, you can find below!

Contact me: @artsarkasmuz (instagram) | @mona_zen_ or @sarkasmuz (twitter) | sarkasmuz[at] (Email) | sarkasmuz #6101 (Discord)

[Comission Staus] Open!

What I draw

I draw portraits, character designs, header (twitch, homepage, podcast), discord emoji, illustrations, fanart, nude (fetishes are ok, too) 

What I don’t draw

No eldery, no gore (just because I don’t have that level of skill, sorry), detailed backgrounds (no skill, I’m improving though), extrem porn (no skill either).

I will decline orders if I find them disrespectful or  if I am sure I am not able to draw them or if I am not comfortable with drawing it!


Artwork will be for personal use only!

I own the copyrights.

By ordering comissions from me, you allowing me to:

  1. post work in progress picutres

  2. post finished versions for my gallery and as references for further comissions

  3. post versions on social media and in my portfolio

  • The comissions will take three to four weeks.

    Since I am working full time, I am not as fast as a freelancer. The commissions will take at least three to four weeks. But I will show you progress pictures and tell you how long it will take. You can ask me anytime. 

  • when you want more than one comission, it will increase the price and you have to pay each comission, not the bundle.

  • a complicated and detailed comission will increase the price

  • commissioners are expected to pay PayPal fee (it depends on the price, I’ll explain that below)

  • payment is accepted in EUR € and through Paypal only. 

  • I will only start after full payment or if you pay at least half of the price

  • no refund after you accepted the rough sketch and I already started. Unless I cancel it due to personal situation or reasons (illness and stuff) in which case you get the cash back!

  • you are not allowed to repaint, redraw, paint over or trace commissioned work

  • you are not allowed to post the artwork in your name & its not allowed to remove my name or sign off the image

Commissionin me means: You accept these terms AND have read all of the rules listed above.

Thanks for reading!

PayPal Fee

The Fee is 1,5% of the price you have to pay, + 0,35€ (in EU, Germany). If you live somewhere else, it could be more expensive. Normally, you would pay the fee when commissioning me.

Here is an example: When you order a header for you twitch and it will cost you 40€, you have to pay 0,35€ and 1,5% of the 40€. That makes 0,60€ + 0,35€ = 0,95€. So the full price for the commission will be 40,95€ 🙂


Postage for letters

If you order a traditional painting, you will get it send out by me personally (woo!) and you get a thank you-sketch, too! Because I like traditional work pretty much. But if so, you have to pay the postage. For example, you live in germany: you will pay the price for the traditional work and the postage for the letter, but not the post stamp! to get shit done, I will send them only secured so it will more expensive than normal letters. I will inform you about the prices as fast as I can.


What exactly happens when I do commission you?

Good question, but here is an easy answer:

  1.  you have to tell me what you like to have (examples below); for example: one header for your podcast
  2. Of course, I need your contact information, like your E-Mail!
  3. I need reference images, like a selfie of you (or a picture or description of the character)
  4. it helps if you have a pose in mind, if not we can talk about it. references pictures are welcome, too
  5. I’ll start drawing a sketch
  6. I will send you the sketch
  7. you will tell me if you REALLY wanna commission me and I start drawing
  8. In case you order a traditional work, i will send you photos. the finished picture will be send to you. if you order a digital painting, I will send you pictures of the work in progress and you can talk about changes with me.
  9. When it’s done, I will send you the image and a bill (just for us, not for something else) via E-Mail, yes
  10. And we all live happily after. And of course I REALLY WANNA KNOW when you’re using the commission and stuff! Tag me on instagram (artsarkasmuz), twitter (sarkasmuz & mona_zen_) or send me an E-Mail.




Everything is in € / Euro.

Full Body (Sketches and Drawings), digital

Sketches will differ between 30€ (first example) and 40€ (second example). A clean Drawing, Full Body and with color but no background start at 50€ and it depends on your details how expansive that will get. The example would be 55€. You can use any Full Body images as Icons or Profile Pics. If you want to use them as some, let me know and I will send you cropped versions for your personal use.

Full Body (Sketches and Drawings), traditional

I do traditional paintings, too. You can order some as original works or get a digitized version of it. If you like the look of original ink and watercolor.
Traditional drawings are priced nearly exactly like the digital ones, though it may get more pricey because watercolor is pretty expensive. If you like to see more traditional art, please visit my instagram account „artsarkasmuz“! 🙂


Twitch/Discord Emojis

The Size is 400px * 400px; discord changes the size automatically. Each Emoji costs 5,50€ to 10€, you get a discount if you order more. As ever, more details or a complicated drawing increases the price, but emojis won’t get more expensive than 10€. You can use it for your Twitch or Discord; personal use only and so on (read the rules above).

Character Design

Coming Soon.

The Price starts at 71€ for a character sketch and four different headshots (emotion) or detailed designs (Fullbody Sketch).
Fullbody Drawings (clean Lineart) and complete color start at 152€.